The people, the experience and the know how to make technology an effective tool for your business.

A Sample of the Services We Provide:


System Component Selection
Cable Plant Design
Network Physical Layer Design
Server & Server Room Design / Setup
Capacity Planning
Configuration Change Monitoring


Firewall & VPN Implementation
System Wide AntiVirus Protection
Vulnerability Assessments
Penetration Testing
Intrusion Detection & Prevention


Centralized Desktop Application Distribution & Availability
Patch, Hot Fix & Update Distribution
Software License Monitoring
Cross Application Integration


Roaming of Personal Information
Productivity Assessment
Web Access Control & Reporting
Skill Assessments


Template Design & Maintenance
Full Text Searching and Indexing
Image Storage Retrieval & Indexing
Macro Design & Implementation
Document Collaboration


Centralized Profile Creation, Management & Roaming
Spam, Junk & Virus Identification
Attachment Storage, Indexing & Retrieval
Content Management
Storage, Retention/Destruction Policies & Procedures


Deposition Capture & Annotation
Trial Presentation Tools
Image Management
Calendars, Dockets & Events
Witness, Parties & Contact Management


On-site and/or Remote
Check System Logs, Disk Space, Backups, Etc.
Server Monitoring
Network Monitoring
Network Support Staff Outsourcing